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Services Overview

Our powerful technologies and approach afford us the ability to gain substantial increases in claim savings for the Clients we serve.  Green Light's innovative solution set has demonstrated significant success in optimizing outcomes and extracting savings, yielding tremendous value for our Clients.
Green Light's robust product and service offering is designed to overcome the industry's existing technology barriers, allowing increases in transparency and competition to optimize decision making in workflow.   
Learn more about our broad suite of cost management products and services by clicking the links below.

Claim Negotiations

By combining our robust technology with very experienced claim settlement professionals, we offer a powerful solutions that generates best in class discounts, all with sign-off.


Medicare-Like Repricing

Our Medicare-Like Repricing solution allows your organization to maximize the opportunity to save with allowable determinations based on Medicare.

EDI Workflow Management

Green Light’s Workflow Optimization Engine, NEXUS, allows Payers to gain full control of their EDI workflow management. 

Claims Marketplace

Green Light provides Health Care Payers with a centralized marketplace for the procurement of health care Cost Management services.

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Network Management

Green Light offers streamlined access to both national and regional PPO networks, as wrap or travel network options.  We partner with the top PPO networks nationally.  

DRG Grouping and Validation

Our DRG Validator will determine if the appropriate DRG was assigned by the provider, based on the diagnosis and services submitted on the claim.

Medical Bill Review

Our Medical Bill Review solution combines our robust technology with the expertise of our professional health care review team to maximize savings.

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