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PPO Network Analysis and Access

Green Light provides claim and line level analysis services to determine the efficacy of various network configurations in order to identify opportunities to maximize the savings potential.  Using our Workflow Optimization Engine, NEXUS, we examine historical claims data compared to large historical datasets to identify the most optimal cost management arrangement for our Clients.  Based on the insights derived from NEXUS, we make recommendations for an optimized network configuration based on historical utilization of the health plan.  Green Light streamlines the implementation process, and allows all related parties the ability to seamlessly become EDI trading partners through Green Light.  

Green Light offers streamlined access to both national and regional PPO networks, as wrap or travel network options.  We partner with the top PPO networks nationally to offer our clients a robust offering, beyond the primary PPO network.  Our wrap network programs are extremely flexible and allow access on a either a percentage of savings or per employee per month basis.


As a last resort, when a directed wrap network or fee negotiations is not an option, Green Light offers several “white space” network options, which allow access on a non-logo/non-steered basis. 

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