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We provide technology solutions and services that improve health care cost management outcomes. Through our innovative technology solutions, data-driven methodologies, and agile approach, Green Light continually demonstrates that better outcomes can be achieved by approaching cost management differently, ultimately yielding more savings while improving speed and efficiency.  
Green Light partners with Healthcare Insurers, Third Party Administrators, and Self-Insured Employers to increase health plan savings and purchasing power while improving overall efficiencies in workflow.  

Technology-enabled services for healthcare cost management

Leading the Evolution of 

Health Care Cost Management 

We are a healthcare technology company on a mission to help employer healthcare dollars go as far as possible.
At Green Light, we're working to be a force that improves the healthcare cost management industry with innovative technology development.  We design and build solutions around questions like, “Can better results be achieved by approaching cost management differently?”  We have proven that the answer to that question is a definite...yes.      

About Us

Green Light exists to help health plan dollars go further.  Our team brings together a powerful combination of experts in health care cost management with experts in healthcare technology development, creating a powerful solution set for the Payer community we serve.   
Cost control remains the biggest issue facing insurers and self-insured employers.  We've made significant investments into building technology solutions that make saving health plan dollars easier and substantially more productive.

Stay Informed

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Green Light.  We know it can be difficult keeping up with the latest developments in healthcare insurance and cost management.  At Green Light, we keep our finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry. As an added value to our Clients, we gather and maintain a blog of industry news, trends, and developments within health care insurance and the health care cost management industry.    
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About Us
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What We Do

Technology is at the forefront of what we do. Green Light's robust product and service offering is designed to overcome the industry's existing technology barriers, allowing increases in transparency and competition to optimize decision making in workflow.  
Our powerful technologies and experienced approach afford us the ability to gain substantial increases in claim savings for the Clients we serve.  Green Light's has demonstrated significant success in optimizing outcomes and extracting savings, yielding tremendous value for the Clients we serve.    
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Contact Us

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