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State of Arizona - Proposed Legislation Looking to Protect Consumers From Balance Billing of Out-of-

Newly proposed legislation in Arizona seeks to protect consumers from "surprise bills"on out-of-network claims, where services were rendered by a non-participating healthcare provider in an In-Network setting and the patient receives a bill for amounts not covered by their Insurer. The legislation appears to be in its early stages, but the conversation has begun. Click here to check out Ken Alltucker's article.

This follows the trend of other states seeking to add consumer protections around the same issue. Last year, California passed a similar bill, AB-72, which establishes claim allowances based on defined benchmarks and gets the patient out of the middle of billing/reimbursement disputes. You can read the entire text of California AB-72 and amendments by clicking here.

#OutofNetwork #SurpriseBills #AB72 #California #Arizona #BalanceBilling

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